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boston terrier photo Baxter
Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

Mr. Bill, would you like Baxter to teach you how to hold your breath?

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Mr. Bill is finally silenced!
  • I am sorry - Mr Bill will not be available to comment on what happened to the bathroom garbage.....
  • Keep quiet, Mr. Bill, and no one gets hurt...
  • Here Baxter, come give me a hug. Wait, wait, WAIT! OOOHHHHH!!!
  • What?? His voice irritates me!
  • "Peekabooo...."
  • Baxter had enough of ooooo Mr. Bill
  • Oh YESSSSSSSSS!!! Mr. Billlllll!!!
  • Baxter just wanted Mr. Bill to shut up, that was all.
  • Oooohhh Nooooooo!
  • No, Baxter! Oh, Nooooooooo!
  • What can I say, this face was made for show business!
  • Take the picture quick. In 15 seconds this toy will be headless.
  • That guy scares me!
  • baxter was stunned to learn he was given the part of Mr. Bill in the new season of SNL
  • Shhhh. I can hear someone.
  • I swear, he just landed here
  • Mr. Bill...I won't tell if you don't tell.
  • No more "Oh No, Mr. Bill"!
  • MINE!
  • don't even THINK you can have my toy...
  • No more 'Oh Nooooo' from you!!!!
  • Got cha, Mr. Bill!!!!!
  • Mr. Bill is taken down by Baxter!! Oh, Noooooooo!!!!!!!
  • OH NO MR. BILL, you can't repeat our secret!
  • What? Mr Bill started it !
  • NO! He doesn't know who got into the potato chips either!
  • Don't ask. Don't tell.
  • Yes, Mr. Bill says he still has all his parts!
  • Oh Nooooooooo!
  • Who me???
  • Mr. Bill who?? Ummm. Nope. Haven't seem him.
  • Clowns must die!
  • crizmas toy in july-perfecty normal?!
  • Mister Bill has been known to take a dive in previous boxing matches.
  • "oh no Mr. Billmmmpfhhh!" "Shhhhhh", says Baxter, "Shhhh".
  • Don`t even think about it.
  • gimme a cookie or the Bill gets it!
  • "hey Mr. Bill, how's your day of dog training going?"
  • Talk to the paw, Mr. Bill.
  • What? He kept yelling "Oh, Nooooo!"
  • I got 'em pinned what?!?!
  • Oh no Baxter!!!!Not Mr.Bill!!!!!!
  • Mr. Bill said a Baaaaaad word !
  • Baxter attempts to muffle Mr. Bill's ever annoying cries for help.
  • WHAT?!i only git two be in ONE photo of da week?im two cute fo dat!

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