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boston terrier photo Vita
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I said I would be out when the massage is over!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Hey! Ho! Let's go! [listen]
  • Well, I DID call shotgun.
  • Click it or ticket, I got this...
  • Mom, I need a booster seat!
  • ok, Ive buckled up...can we go to the Dairy Queen now?
  • Vita takes the "Click it or Ticket" police campaign very seriously.
  • Where's my booster seat???
  • It's Mom's turn to carpool to the Dog Park.
  • Vita is ready for her chauffer to take her to the dog park, then for a manicure at the local groomer.
  • No Vita, you are not big enough to ride in the front seat yet. You still have to get in the car seat until you are bigger.
  • Locked and loaded... lets roll!
  • Are weee theerrrree yet!
  • dogs with tails can't do this! NUBS RULE!!!
  • Hey wait!!! I thought this was a roller coaster!!!! You're taking me to the Vet aren't you!!!!?????
  • I prefer the baby seat over this
  • Safety First!
  • Locked & Loaded, Ma. Let's go!
  • Seat belts save paws.
  • i know that dog
  • " I call shotgun...."
  • Is this really necessary?!?
  • vita needs a boston booster
  • Go ahead driver. I am all set for my daily ride and relaxation!!!!!
  • Safety first!
  • No... I'm sitting Shotgun. I called it first.
  • Vita, being locked and loaded, is ready to go for a Little Beasts play date.
  • Put upon, I just feel put upon.
  • Road trip! Let's do this thing.
  • What are you looking at? I'm ready.
  • Livin' La Vita Auto
  • What? It's called PROACTIVE THINKING. Now get in, I can't drive this thing...
  • I need to pee.....
  • Going for a car ride just ain't what it used to be.
  • Let's go AJ! Shake a leg!
  • once Vita found out there were heated seats, her owners could NEVER get her out of the car
  • Little children aren't suppose ride in the front seat.
  • I hope this isn't an ejection seat. I just can't stand ejection.
  • I like going Bye-Bye in the Car-Car. But we have to ride safely, you know.
  • I don't think I'm going to like where I'm going.

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  • The shrubbery is in the back. Sarn, Branti & Galia are waiting!

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