boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo of the week
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The Winning Caption is:

Looks like soap but maybe I should taste it anyway?

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Presentation, smesentation!
  • The new Tissue Collar proves to be an effective deterrent.
  • "Behold: The Power of a Cheese Baby!"
  • Emrys falls victim to having short legs once again.
  • That is the BIGGEST cookie I've ever seen, I must have been REALLY good!
  • Great! Twinkies are back...deadlier than ever!
  • With her eyes on the prize, Emrys calculates just how long it's going to take that thing to thaw.
  • The "Boston Ninja" moving in for a quick snatch and grab.
  • Look ma, a clown colar, with lunch included !
  • oh my kingdom for a 'Tank tongue'
  • Emrys cheezy smile.
  • Emrys vs The Paper of Blue.
  • I thaw it. I want it.
  • "I wish I could work the Microwave!"
  • I need that pastry, it looks so tasty
  • Mmmmmm.......
  • Good Lord. A giant twinkie. My wish has come true.
  • hmmm... I tink dis be mine?
  • In Pepe Le Pew voice: "Ooo my dahhhling, Where have you been all my life!? Let us get reacquainted. Quickly, come this way. Oh, what's that you say? You have no legs? No worries I will help you down. Down my throat that is!"
  • Mighty big napkin, but thank you for the courtesy.
  • I'll use the 'force'.
  • You're such a teaser, Mom!

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