boston terrier photo of the week
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L to R:  Pixie, Ruby, Bailey, Daisy, Dixie, & Bubbles
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Amid the initial chaos, it was decided Pixie would top the pyramid.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • We don't need no stinking badges!
  • Uh-Oh. Mom told us not to play Ball in the house. Now it's stuck in that lamp up there.
  • How many Boston Terriers does it take to change a light bulb?
  • We, The Bostons, in order to form a more perfect union, establish Justice, and insure domestic Tranquility....
  • Looks like we scared The Cat again. She'll never come off that ceiling fan.
  • OK guys, I told you the "Piranha Face" is the most effective against humans...not the "Triple-Boston Buggie-Eye" or "Double-Boston Temple Stare"!!!
  • Okay where is the food? They said it was here!
  • this congressional meeting was productive - 1. no one goes hungry 2. no bigotry against toofers
  • can we keep her?? pleeeease mom can we???
  • Ok, I've collected the minions, now what?
  • Was that the can opener?
  • Did you just open the treat jar?
  • Is that chick'n we smell?
  • Did someone say "cookie"?
  • DAISY EXPLAINS: "What happened was; I said Ruby could come and she brought Bubbles, and Bubbles brought Pixie and Dixie and Pixie and Dixie brought Bailey and I told them you had plenty of bacon!"
  • Daisy did it!
  • Andy Warhol said, "but I always say, One's company, two's a crowd,and three's a party." This must be a bash!
  • A six pack of PAR-TAY to go!
  • Girls night!
  • Looks like a Boston "T" party to me!
  • what do you mean the tweets jar is empty?
  • Mom! Dad we had to go to bed... or else.
  • Treat goes to the one showing the most teeth, right?
  • For dinner tonight, we would like to have roasted chicken. Except for Dixie. She wants roast beef.
  • when did I have knockoffs?
  • I just got my braces off!
  • You're supposed to hold your breath till you turn BLUE! This will not help us get treats.
  • who you lookin' at?
  • We aren't Josey and the Pussycats!
  • Pixie, Ruby Bailey, Dixie and Bubbles say: RELAX! Daisy says: No way!
  • Nothing to see here, move along people.
  • There were three very specific rules for their care...never expose them to bright lights, never feed them after midnight and most importantly never get them wet!!
  • things broke down at the hoe-down when Daisy showed off her new dental work
  • Wasn't one of the rules something about not getting them wet???
  • ...we can explain.
  • Come on, ref - throw the ball!
  • Is this a "Gaggle" of Bostons or a "Heard"?
  • "I told you Mom would hit the ceiling when she got home and saw the mess."
  • We said: Jump. The Cat said: How high?
  • Well, Where's the beef?
  • We reject your terms and are prepared to decertify our union and bring suit. By the way we have the same attorneys as the NFL and NHL. Your move!
  • Did I hear bacon?
  • If I show you my bottom teeth like this can I get the first cookie?
  • We have you surrounded....give up the bacon!
  • We'd like to go for a walk now. Go fetch the leashes. Yes.... you did hear right. O.K. Please.
  • If'n ya don't drop that hot dog, me an the boys might just hide behind yer feet when you ain't looking.

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