boston terrier photo of the week
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boston terrier photo Foster
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The Winning Caption is:

Life imitating art.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • I am the paperweight
  • Some of us just have to work from home
  • Let's see.. giant grasshoppers, birds,cats, and whatever that thing is...glad I have my hover craft to escape this place.
  • Foster does his best to camouflage himself in the statues of the other animals.
  • If this will get me cat food I'll sit here all day!
  • When I aked for a doughnut I meant an eadible one.
  • Desktop menagerie.
  • No, really I AM the cat so it is okay to be on the furniture.
  • Foster and crew posing for the latest promo for Animal Planet
  • No wonder you can't find your mouse. Look at all the junk on your desk.!
  • Boston - it's what's for dinner
  • Dude! That grasshopper is giving me the creeps
  • Foster is baffled with the relocation spot for his bed.
  • Why is there so much junk on my bed
  • One of these things is not like the others.....
  • Foster becomes a Virtual Nick-nack.
  • I'm not eating that!
  • Hold My Calls!
  • who needs a cricket on thier desk for luck,a Boston will do.
  • "I think my sit-n-spin is broken"
  • Foster demostrates his ability to out pose that *#@&! cat.
  • Foster's best Nipper. (aka RCA dog)
  • A Boston turn table
  • What grasshopper?
  • Look mom i'm a statue!

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

Previous Photo of the Week Stars: boston terrier photo of the week Orie & boston terrier photo Folly (puppy)

  • "Watch and learn, Grasshopper. Oh, wait... that was last weeks caption."
  • Hey man, I think Orie and Folly were talking to you.

boston terrier photo

Great captions everyone!
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