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boston terrier photo Ivan
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Ivan was mortified to see the pictures from the office Christmas party.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Ivan's cake had a tad too much sugar in it this year. The espresso frosting may have been a bad idea, too....
  • Ivan wondered, "if you can have Christmas in July, why can't I have New Years in August?"
  • Ivan thought they called him a Party Animal... but in reality, they said Farty Animal.
  • Where's the cake?
  • You are HOW OLD?
  • Ivan celebrates his 263rd UN-Birthday!
  • The things I have to go thru to get my kibbles!
  • Hey lady, got a lite ?
  • This will not END well !
  • Ivan celebrates dinner....again.
  • Opppps, I think that might have hit my tail !!!
  • When I blow, I feel like my eyes start to bug out....
  • Am I now a party animal.....huh, am I ???
  • Happy Birthday to who? ME???
  • Happy Birthday to me!
  • It's my party and I'll blow my horn if I want to!
  • Ivan's Birthday Surprise
  • Ivan got a little to excited at his party and realized he just left mom a birthday surprise on the carpet
  • There ain't no party like the pre party!
  • What a precious doll Ivan is!!!!!
  • Get this party started 'cause I'm a party animal!
  • I thought I'd toot from this end today.
  • Hey Ma, pull my finger !
  • Ivan wants to party like it's 1999!
  • I love birthday parties .... Babies + cake == crumbs + cuddling + toys i can sniff around !!!! Yes day for Ivan.
  • Yikes, this toots back!!!
  • Ivan celebrated winning the "Marty Feldman" look-a-like contest.
  • Ivan suddenly knows what it's like to have asthma.
  • SURPRISE!!!!
  • Ivan found the Red Bull...Party!
  • In the Republic of Bostonia, Ivan bring party to you!
  • show me your crazy eyes!
  • ZOMG! Partay!
  • You're HOW OLD ??????????

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