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boston terrier photo Jelly
Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

Jelly knows the value of UV protection when sunbathing.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • If you HAVE to wear the cone; wear it in STYLE!
  • Bose newest audio product, the BOST 365 complete with doggels and ultimate surround sound.
  • I make this cone look gooooood!
  • What did you for Your summer vacation?
  • What do ya think Belle? Will anyone see thru my disguise?
  • They call me MR. Hollywood...
  • Wheres the bread and peanut butter?No, seriously.WHERE?!
  • I make wearing this cone look cool . . . .
  • swag.
  • Fire up the flux capacitor, I'm going back to a time before this humiliation!
  • They said we all look alike, so I changed that!
  • I'm too sexy for my cone, too sexy......
  • these new television googles rock! they even come with a portable satellite!
  • gentleman please! you're blocking my sun. tan time and fan time are NOT the same thing darling
  • Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads....
  • jelly sez, be cool, eat fast, fart often.
  • jelly auditions for Boston Terrier tv test pattern
  • my future is so brite i gotta wear shades!!!!!!
  • I wear a cone so I can tan my cheeks - What?!
  • Im so hot, I gotta wear shades.

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