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boston terrier photo Bentley
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Stool... Shmool. I can do this.

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  • No food is safe from Gumby Dog!
  • Will plank for food!
  • All of the planks pay off for Bentley!
  • It's always good to have a nice stretch, why not enjoy some snacks at the same time?
  • I think Bentley was stretching the truth when he denied eating the ice cream!
  • These are Boston style pushups. Slurp! Up! Slurp! Two! Feel the burn!
  • they say the best weight loss exercise is to push yourself away from the table. Bentley's doing great!
  • Bentley's mastered the art of doing pushups while eating.
  • the salsa's good, now if I can only reach the margharita.
  • Doga: Bridge to Heaven Pose
  • Oh Boy! Snack time. They left the room. I have to hurry.
  • Bentley's trainer knows how to motivate him to do those extra push ups when his energy starts to wane.
  • See told you I could reach !!!!
  • Bentley is saying "stay stay staaaaayyy!"
  • What stool?
  • Always the dare devil, Bentley completely disregards the stool.
  • Bentley mis-understood the concept of planking
  • Yoga has really paid off!
  • Mission Impossible-Challenge Accepted!
  • Bentley performs some yoga moves to help aid the digestive processes.
  • "Bently's Bootcamp Workout" video coming Summer 2013. We'll be dog tired!
  • Living life on the edge has always been Bentley's style.
  • Bentley can multi-task... This is how you dine while planking.
  • Bently is practicing for the annual Boston Streching Contest
  • Bentley finds time for some downward dog yoga yogurt.
  • Bentley loves the "Yoga-Yogurt" exercise!
  • Bentley planking!
  • Boy the things l have to do to get their snack sorry l mean my snack.
  • I got this!
  • I have seen silly things from bostons but this is the best. Had to do a lot of thinking here.
  • Bentley uses his Spidey moves at the luncheon.
  • It may be a stretch, but I think Bentley likes the tuna!
  • Bentley decides to stretch more than just his imagination and see what's really in that bowl.
  • Ha! I feel like Mighty when he discovered the Kitchen Counter Tops!
  • What gap?
  • Throwing caution to the breaking wind, Bentley goes for the bowl of beans.
  • Bentley is willing to try anything to keep his exercise route fresh, even a bowl of ice cream.

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