boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo Yoyo

Rated: Funny

The Winning Caption is:

Practicing Advanced Photo Bombing

Outstanding Submissions:

  • It didn't take it, ya gotta set the timer like......*SNAP*
  • When Yoyo is in trouble, this outlook changes all the frowns into big smiles!
  • Yoyo has reached a turning point in his life.
  • Did anyone get the name of that cat?
  • Look at it this way and the bowl IS half empty!
  • What happens to you is not as important as how you look at it.
  • These Whitening Strips really work!
  • Ahhh there's the rub
  • Yoyo takes playing dead very, very seriously.
  • Yoyo exhibits the very Boston "Flappy Jowl".
  • Damn, it's been a week and it's still there.....MOM!!!!
  • seeing how the world looks up side down Yoyo keeps one eye on grownd and one one you.
  • "I'm Batdog"
  • This is how Yoyo unwinds...
  • What? I have something in my nose?
  • Teeth whiteners? I haven't seen no teeth whiteners!
  • Oh, so this is how bats live!
  • Hey baby...check out these pearly whites!
  • why uz upside downz?
  • YoYo demonstrates "Turn that frown upside down!"
  • Can anyone tell me where I left my body?
  • "look at my pearly white teeth"
  • I hate going to the dentist, because they always go overboard with the novacaine. MY EYE MY EYE I CAN'T FEEL MY LEFT EYE!
  • Yoyo was not looking forward to going to the eye doctor to have his lazy eye checked.
  • Yoyo demonstrates his famous 'upside down dog on the sofa' trick.
  • Do my jowls show when I lay like this?
  • "All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."
  • Ooooy. Me thinks I ate too many kibbles.
  • oh yeah, I'm a party animal fer sure...
  • I have the whitest teeth in town!

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boston terrier photo

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