boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo Keegan

Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

  • "candygram"

Outstanding Submissions:

  • There are REASONS for this fence!
  • Psst... hey lady, you got any cookies?
  • Keegans fence is greener on the other side of the grass.
  • Hee hee, I knew they would blame the cat.
  • Keegan hears the lawn mower!
  • Keen Eyed Keegan... Keeper of the Gate.
  • I got my eye on you!
  • "who you lookin' at"?
  • Who dat? Who dere?
  • I swear, it's there. Just wait you'll see it............
  • Can you let me in please.......?
  • It's past his time, where is that ice cream truck ?
  • Who, me? Just thinkin' about my next move......
  • I seez u!
  • E, a, O, the left eye.
  • "who dat?"
  • Keegan fights back the paparazzi!
  • Oh NO! Zombie Bostons!
  • I always feel that somebodys watchin' me....Lyrics by Rockwell
  • When am I going to get out of here? That treat in your hand is on the other side it should be on my side!!
  • I will swear on a box of treats, I was framed!
  • Finally, proof that the long feared Cyclops Boston Terrier exists.
  • I spy with my little eye, something.........Boston!
  • it's scary world out there
  • I don't think the squirrels will notice me
  • the grass is always greener........
  • O.M.G.! I see a squirrel!!! Here little squirrel squirrel squirrel, don't be afraid, mwwwwahhhahhhahha
  • I KNEW the grass was greener over there! mmmmmm green grass
  • Don't leave me here dude! Take me with you!!!!!!!!!
  • I see Mom. She's got a towel and shampoo. I'm staying right here.
  • Oh, my! There's a awesome Boston moving in across the street!
  • Who can it be now?
  • I spy, with my little stink eye, something that is BACON!
  • Pssst.... here, behind the gate. Don't tell anyone. I'm waiting for Mom to give up on giving me a bath.
  • He is a big baby!
  • Hey-dee ho neighbor!
  • Come to Keegan... There will be NO mail today.

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boston terrier photo

Previous Photo of the Week Star: Emrys


  • KEEGAN! So darn cute!!!
Great captions everyone!
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