boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo Buddy
Rated: Wild & Crazy

The Winning Caption is:

"Too easy... now all we gotta do is light this thing on fire!!"

Outstanding Submissions:

  • And THAT is how it's done, my friends.
  • Buddy thought showing his agility photo on his profile would get him more dates
  • Watcha mean; no fire? I AM the fire!
  • oops! tuck in the sensitive bits Buddy!
  • Geeze! What they make me do just to get a treat.
  • First the Frisbee now this thing! Tricks are for girls!
  • Yes... Even I know that was awesome! That Poodle back there soooo jealous!
  • Ta Da!
  • buddy's Graduation Photo!
  • anything for a milkbone, baby
  • Ouch, who lowered the ring?
  • you should see me do the flying trapeze!
  • Oh, you fancy, huh? Nail done, hair done Everything did Oh, you fancy, huh?!
  • And I'm fallin'!
  • Buddy will do anything for a Klondike!
  • Look MA, no hands!
  • CONCENTRATE; look forward, dont look stupid, lift buttocks, now land
  • ohhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
  • A rousing game of Boston Toss!
  • I was wondering why Duke was laughing in the background as l approached the ring, now l know why. Ouch!
  • Boy am l glad this was not as Johnny Cash sang The Ring of fire. Geesh!
  • "Make sure you get my good side."
  • Guess what!? I made it! I made! Do I get a treat?!
  • Am I touching yet?
  • Buddy will jump through hoops for a treat.

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • No ppp captions submitted this week

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