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Despite being a girl, Josie thought she would take part in "Movember"

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Josie pays tribute to "Mo-vember"
  • No, I'm not eating it, I'm just soaking in it mom.
  • In honor of Movember, I'm growing my Magnum PI mudstache.
  • Joise, leading expert in mustache coultrue, has released her latest fashion, the Mud-stache.
  • I dressed up as Magnum PI for Halloween.
  • I mustache you a question. Is this quick sand?
  • Queen of mud wrestling, who's next?
  • It's the Boston Swamp Monster, be afraid, be very afraid!
  • Well, you said my name was "Mud"!
  • Hey, Josie. I like your MUDstache.
  • Don't be mad mommie and daddy. I was just baking a chocolate cake for you guys!
  • What? I'm just raising money for Mustache Movember!
  • Z mud it is good for the skin, no ?
  • Mmm tastes like chicken.
  • MUD..... it does a Bostie Goood!
  • You said this was "mud pie". Tastes like dirt to me!
  • Josie knows to keep away the frown lines, a good mud mask is always beneficial.
  • delicious
  • what are you staring at? do I have something on my face?
  • I bet they dont put me in the house alone all day today
  • Bathtime??? I choose a mud bath!!
  • Now lets see if she keeps kissing me on the lips....
  • Josie was disappointed when she found out that Super Mario Brothers wasn't hiring.
  • Like my "mudstache"?
  • How do you like my mudstache?
  • Josie disguised as Joe.
  • Boston Facial/Mud Pack
  • Got Mud? NO! Got a bug!
  • Josie was working on her disguise, she was certain the mustache would fool even her own mother.
  • Here we see the ever elusive Pigdog of Madagascar in its natural environment
  • Is there somethin' on my face?
  • Josie loved her spa day, especially the mud bath!
  • What? But Momo, my ball's in here somewhere....
  • Mud baths are key in keeping one's skin youthful.
  • Yep. Tastes like chicken.
  • I mustache you, is there something on my face?
  • Josie tries to disguise herself by creating a mud-stache.
  • Mud. It does a body good!
  • Got Mud?
  • Oh. Wait? Was I not supposed to jump in the mud?
  • I wouldn't be nearly as beautiful without my daily mud bath
  • Josie just remembered the new white carpeting her owners just installed.
  • Nothing like a nice relaxing mud bath to make a girl feel pretty.
  • Mmmmmmm ... MUD!
  • Got mud?
  • Mmmm... Magnum P.I. or Mudpie?
  • Josie's day at the spa just took a bad turn.
  • I will NOT be an object of ridicule! Well... okay, the mud mustache is pretty silly.
  • What is my guilty pleasure? Pretending I'm Cleopatra taking a mud bath on the bank of the Nile.
  • What! I'm rooting for worms. It's always good hunting after it rains.
  • I buried my bone here. It was dry. I can't find it and now I've got a 'stache. *#@^!
  • Okay you want to give me another bath? Go ahead make my day!
  • Got mud!
  • Got mud?
  • I thought I hit the mother load, but this is not chocolate. Geesh!
  • Josie 's Beauty Secret: Frequent mud baths to keep her skin and fur supple.
  • I heard mud is good for the skin but will it soften my wiskers too??
  • Josie loves to get "in character" while watching her Magnum, P.I. DVD.
  • this is my mudstache!!!
  • Josie enjoy her spa day!
  • I wasn't eating the strawberries out of the garden.
  • I'm just trying to find my ball.
  • Jodie experiences her first taste of mud pie!
  • Don't you dare laugh at my good looks! I'm taking care of business!
  • This is Josie's idea of a dirty joke
  • So mud pies are Not supposed to be eaten??
  • I have to go back to therapy because I still think I'm a pig?? What is a Boston Terrier anyway???
  • boston tea party

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