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boston terrier photo Rebel
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Ok I got it!!! Run for help!

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  • That Mail Truck was just too darn fast for me.
  • ugh...I really gotta get in shape
  • Rebel has been spending too much time with the cats, again.
  • I can hold it up. Get a hammer and nails quick.
  • Rebel holding down the fort.
  • 98... 99... 100... Ready or not, here I come!
  • Dear Lord....Let it be dinner time when I get in the house!
  • ...and i'm sorry about the cat. amen
  • This P90X stuff is the pits!
  • Once the glue dries, the homeowners will have their new porch!
  • Only a true Rebel does naked hot yoga outside.
  • The squirrels won't stand a chance this year!
  • Please... Can Emrys come out to play?
  • Ya shoulda seem 'em, Ma. Mrs. Murphy's cats... all of them! Comin' my way and givin' me stink eye.
  • Rebel's Doga class starts promptly at 8am.
  • namaste
  • Oh Great Master, Let me in out of the hot sun!
  • Want to see a Marin style pushup next, baby?
  • Practicing my downward dog!
  • Need a little help here, Mom. I'm dog tired.
  • Yoga pose of the week: Dolphin Plank Pose Next week: Downward-Facing Dog
  • Be right with you... just finishing up my stretches. Think we can do 3 miles today?
  • A ramp with a nice easy incline would be appreciated here.
  • where the sun does shine
  • Gotta stretch it out reeeeal good... BOSTON terrier MARATHON, here I come!!
  • Rebel stretches out his hamstrings before going for his morning run
  • I think I can, I think I can
  • The "downward facing dog" position is my favorite in yoga class!!
  • There! Now, someone please carry me the rest of the way up!
  • Rebel regrets having had that punch at last night's party
  • Rebel tried to impress with his knowledge of yoga...but everyone knew he was secretly just napping.
  • Keeping a neutral spine in up dog - namaste!
  • Ok! Let's start! Step oneeeZzzz....
  • Rebel always makes sure to stretch before his morning run...and if time allows take a little nap
  • After a long night out with the boys Rebel just did not have the energy to make it all the way up the stairs
  • ugh, wh (panting) when are you people going to learn and put in an escalator?
  • What? what do you mean I am doing it wrong? How is this not downward facing dog???
  • "Oh, the humanity!"
  • I looked everywhere and didn't find a single bone.
  • Yes, Master. Your wish is my command.
  • mmuuhhhhfff... these stairs are in my sun!
  • i no wanna pull a hammie likes last times, can you believes dere is no bacon involved when you pulls one?!
  • Rebel decides stretching before his walk would be better than pulling a muscle.
  • I do my exercises everyday !
  • I "am" pushing, Mom....but it won't move!
  • Downward facing dog is my favorite yoga position.
  • 98,99,100,ready or not here I come!
  • Watch that last step!,its a Boston!!!
  • I'm praying for someone to carry me up the stairs!
  • It is always good to stretch before you go for a run
  • I'm not worthy!
  • "Ninety seven, ninety eight, ninety nine, one hundred. Ready or not, here comes Rebel."
  • Rebel is counting to 100 playing "Hide & Seek"
  • Rebel does Step Aerobics to keep his bod in shape!
  • OK, Mecca is in this direction, now I just need to invest in a better prayer rug.
  • Nothing like a good stretch before my walk.
  • Rebel has no yell left. Where's Billy Idol when you need him?
  • Always stretch before running
  • Rebel practices his Downward Dog Yoga exercise.
  • One one thousend, two one thousend.....
  • It's Bosten'ing. A cross between T-bowing and Planking.
  • Rebel always starts the day off with a regiment of Pilates
  • Rebel's version of downward dog pose
  • late to the trend and encumbered by his back legs, Rebel didn't realize the planking trend had come and gone
  • Rebel always begins his yoga routine in the Downward Dog position.
  • Please follow Rebel for the modified downward dog position.
  • Yoga Master Rebel demonstrates the proper form for the Downward Facing BT pose utilizing his new outdoor yoga mat.
  • God, I promise never to pee in the flowers again if you continue to give me sunny days to play outside!
  • Calisthenics, BT style
  • Get the scooper, Ma. I'm all pooped out.
  • I told you to carry me up the stairs! Feeling the burn just feeling the burn!
  • Doing my daily boston squat thrust feeling the burn!
  • Please God do not let mom see the hole I dug to get under the fence!
  • Rebel understands the importance of a good stretch prior to exercise.
  • No matter how hard I push, I just can't seem to move these steps!
  • Dear Lord, Please bless our family and forgive me for chasing kitties, squirrels, and chipmunks. Amen.
  • "yo Adrian, Check this out....
  • Rebel prepares for the ensuing hurricane season...
  • Ok, we're gonna take this one step at at a ZZZZZZZZZZ...
  • It gets tiresome being a Rebel all the time...
  • the sunshine on my bum sure feels good this morning
  • Rebel - it's not just a name it's a way of life.
  • The easy way to do downward facing dog.
  • Please God...let there be some yummy treats at the top of these stairs!
  • I pray there are cookies in the house.
  • This yoga is for the dogs
  • I promise never to sneak out the back door again. Now can I come in?
  • I swear, I was chased by a pack of hyenas and they were laughing at me!
  • I've seen the Emerald City... but there's no place like home.
  • time for morning yoga.
  • DROP AND GIVE ME 20!!!
  • time to burn off last nights table scraps.
  • Feel the burn!!
  • Rebel is very serious when it comes to yoga.
  • LORD, I promise not to make any more brown spots in the lawn.
  • You wanna get a good stretch before chasing the mailman.
  • I made it to the stairs, now you carry me the rest of the way.
  • Lord give me the strength not to chase every ball or squirrel....
  • I am Rebel and I will come and get you!! After I strech.
  • Lord please let someone look out here and come tote me up all these steps. They know it's past my nap time.

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • 98...99...100 Ready or not Abby here I come.
  • Hey Stella Abbey isn't hiding here.
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