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boston terrier photoStella & boston terrier photoAbby (do you see her?)
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The Winning Caption is:

I was NOT holding the pillow over her head!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Abby, your 5th decorative pillow.
  • Mom, we said no pictures this early in the morning. Can't you see we have bedhead???
  • "Break out the bug-spray...we have a Bed-Boston!"
  • She's still there, isn't she?
  • warm, warmer, your so close, your burning up!
  • I'm a ninja you can't see me
  • Hey Abby won't let me under the pillows again.
  • Abby did it! I was a Stella. She did it.
  • She's behind me again, isn't she?
  • Abby likes to think of herself as part of the decor,Stella does not agree!
  • Poor Stella suffered from an extreme case of paranoia,she felt as if someone was always watching her!Don't look now Stella but.....
  • Stella: Is Abby doing it again? The old fart and hide. Really.
  • Stella: "This is where I am sleeping, don't know where you are going to go." Abby: "Shut-up, can't you see I'm trying to get some rest back here?"
  • Hide and Seek? FTW!
  • Can you turn down the sheets? I need covers,too
  • MY bed! do you hear me???
  • Abby whispered to Stella,"Psst! You just blew your cover!"
  • Check it out mom, Abby thinks she's winning hide and seek...but I know she's behind the pillow.
  • I hate it when they use the web cams to catch us snuggling in their fair !!!!
  • No mom we aren't sleeping on your pillows again, Abby hide quick before she sees you!
  • Dang, Stella, I told you there wasn't any treats!!
  • "They're coming to get you Barbara!!"
  • Mom, I cant find Abby anywhere!
  • Did someone say COOKIES???
  • I can never seem to rid myself of that little pest!!!!
  • Hey, Stella, look inside the pillowcase.
  • I always feel like, somebody's watchin' meeee!
  • I love hide and seek....I should be able to get in 3 good hours of lassie reruns and a nap while Abby "THINKS" I'm look for her!!!
  • Did Mama say 'bath'?
  • Hey Boss, What's on the docket for today? I'm thinking maybe a nap on this pretty purple bed!
  • Not tonight dear I have a headache
  • did you just pass gas????
  • vewy vewy quiet...
  • The pillow police are always watching!
  • It's a match!
  • If it's not food or a toy, i'm not coming out
  • Grandma, what big ears you have......?
  • This has been the longest game of hide and seek. Ever.
  • No, I do NOT want to play 'PillowPets'.
  • Peek-A-Boo, I see you!
  • What a great hiding spot for hide and seek. To bad stella got caught.
  • I told Abby to move while they were putting on the pillowcases
  • MOM, Abby and I are playing hide and seek but I can't find her.
  • I can't find Abby anywhere. I guess it's time for the leftover chicken lurer.
  • He who has has biggest ears gets to be pillow police
  • " So, when does this pillow fight start again?"
  • i can't find Abby!
  • bring me a cookie from the kitchen
  • The memory of Abby still haunts Stella.

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • Stella: "We looked and looked. Can't find KnickKnack and PaddyWhack!" Abby: "Even their toy are gone!"


  • LOL! Both of my girls do the same thing!
  • I love it how cute


Great captions everyone!
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