boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Stars:
KnickKnack (R) & PaddyWhack (L)
Rated: Funny

The Winning Caption is:

Next time, how about you write "TREATS" on the side of the box?

Outstanding Submissions:

  • KnickKnack & PaddyWhack are ready to go rolling home.
  • The movers almost didn't leave enough room for the "KnickKnacks and PaddyWhacks"
  • Bring more boxes, there's plenty of space
  • If it fits, it ships....
  • Cheeze it Knick! Back in the box. The Old Man is rolling home.
  • KnickKnack and PaddyWhack are Pack Dogs!
  • Wait I forgot my ball!!
  • The heist had been sucessful right up until the point they realized neither one of them could drive.
  • Knick and Paddy had a rocky first day on the job as drug-sniffing dogs.
  • "Can I get some tape here?" KnickKnack
  • If you had made the mortgage payment last month we wouldn't be living out of the car!
  • Our stuff is packed. You guys coming?
  • you going some place?
  • Seriously, where do expect us to ride?
  • We thought YOU told the cat we moved...
  • moving with out us?
  • Don't even think about it!
  • Why didn't someone tell us that we're moving.
  • QUICK....get in the box before they realize they have stowaways!!!!!
  • No, there is nothing illegal here. Look into my eyes. Let the vehicle through.
  • Momo sez we goes on road trip butz where wez pose to sits????
  • Dont complain about being packed in the back.....the cats not here
  • We've searched every box and come up empty. C'mon, give a dog a bone!
  • I'm telling you. They are not moving without us. It's just their recyle.
  • "Hey KnickKnack..." "yeah PaddyWhack.." "Thas has to be a bone in here somewhere!" Just what I was thinking!"
  • KnickKnack and PattyWhack lookin' for a bone, as they drive to their new home.
  • We've looked in every box and we can't find that doggone bone!
  • KnickKnack PaddyWhack, give a dog a bone. These two Bostons are moving to a new home!
  • KK and PW aka "The Supervisors"
  • Hoarder? Who's a hoarder?!?!
  • Give the dog a bone? Which box are they in???
  • let loose with another one didn't you.
  • Shame to throw out perfectly good Bostons
  • Knicknack paddywack give the dog a bone, 2 bostons aren't going home..
  • Could we please have a little more room!!!
  • Hey give us a bone!
  • What are all these boxes and why are we in the middle of them??
  • Is there any thing for me in the box?!
  • C'mon, getin and drive these boxes are not going to deliver themselves!
  • Costco 2 for 1.
  • KnickKnack: "Mom said dis box iz going special delivery" PaddyWhack: "No, Mom said you iz a little "special" - Big difference"
  • You weren't planning on going somewhere without us, WERE YOU?
  • Now look what you did! You just had to go and say it........give a dog a bone...
  • lets play hide and seek. I'll count first.
  • I really hate how they don't let us bring our ball on road trips:(
  • "We're looking for your bone. I'm sure mom put it in 1 of these boxes."
  • "I haven't found the bone yet... maybe when the Old Man comes rolling home, he'll have one."
  • Which box did she pack the cat in??
  • KnickKnack and PaddyWhack want to know where their bones have gone.
  • We didn't give you permission to move.
  • Maybe if we stay really still, they won't notice.
  • Ok we packed the whole car. Now, will will you give these dogs a bone.

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