boston terrier photo of the week
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boston terrier photo of the week Sassy
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Sassy demonstrates "Dutch Oven" survival position

Outstanding Submissions:

  • ...Chuck Norris is near...
  • Love the Superman Costume, Mom, but can a girl get some eyeholes ?
  • Mani, Pedi, Facial, Massage- the life of a pampered Boston is good.
  • It is good to be the queen. Wake me when my breakfast arrives.
  • I hate you, Monday!
  • Sassy doesn't get the "hide" concept when playing hide and seek.
  • Ugh, Mondays!
  • Sassy says Mondays aren't even worthy of the stink-eye!
  • I hates Mondays!
  • Peek-a-boo Sassy
  • Seriously? Will you guys just buy a hamper already?
  • Just 5 more minutes please?
  • Hope will never find me in here...I have the best hiding spots!
  • It can't be morning yet.
  • The mummy returns....
  • I can't believe I put the Lime in the Coconut!
  • Fear of the pedicure.
  • There are certain things even Sassy doesn't want to see!
  • Late night sheet surfing gets a twist.
  • 1, only taught me how to count to 2!
  • All you see is nose and toes... lift the sheet and anything goes!
  • "Oh how I hate to get up in the morning"
  • How'd you get in my house to take this pic??
  • Sassy is playing hide and seek with Hope. If she can't see me, I'm not here!
  • Can you see me now???
  • The Boston Mummy!!!Scary
  • Boston spa treatment,look like a puppy again!!
  • Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee, blessed art thou among women....
  • I'm ready for my full body massage....
  • I no can see you, Monday
  • Sassy-the new poster pup for Mondays!
  • It's Monday already?
  • I am sleeping in my bed and nobody is going to stop me while I am doing it.
  • I am sleeping and nobody is going to stop me.
  • Can you please turn the lights off!!!
  • Yes. Your butt does look big in that.
  • Sassy wrapped up in the laundry pile for her bath- now is she in the light load or the dark?
  • I don't do mornings
  • sheet surfing - an old Boston Terrier custom...
  • Boo!
  • Sassy was shy when it came to her first massage
  • Who farted........
  • "Hide and Seek". I'm IT. I'll count to 50. You go hide!
  • Fresh air! And they say BT's break wind!
  • Upon closer examination it was determined that those are actually Sassy's FRONT feet and NOSE...
  • Shhh- Sassy's sleeping.
  • Sassy relishes her time at the spa. Bring on the pedicure.
  • I hate Mondays!!!
  • Sassy just had her nails done and is now enjoying a warm facial wrap!
  • Nope, not coming out until it's Tuesday!
  • I love a day at the spa. While the facial is working its magic could someone get over here and finish my mani/pedi?
  • 47, 48, 49, 50!! READY OR NOT HERE I COME!!
  • Wish I hadn't had that last Martini :(
  • Where's my coffee??
  • "Oh, how I hate to get up in the morning"
  • Lassie is on again! I'm takin' a nap.
  • a tragic end. swallowed by the rare albino blanket snake
  • Man I love it when the night lasts so long and I can sleep even later.
  • they will never finds me
  • o noz they are coming forz me
  • NO one can see me..... No one can see me..... I dont want to get up....

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  • Sure could use Maizey's X-ray eyes right about now.



Great captions everyone!
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