boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star:
boston terrier photo of the week Pixie
Rated: Wild & Crazy!

The Winning Caption is:

Outa my way, leather surf board comin thru

Outstanding Submissions:

  • I haz a crazy
  • "OMG, did you see how big that mouse was?"
  • Whhoaa - cold leather on tummy!
  • Poor Pixie thought "The Exorcist" was a work out video...
  • Pixie is a consummate professional when it comes to playing freeze tag.
  • (Gasp) Oh No! They're Home! Quick, off the Couch!
  • No...I mean I gotta go NOW!
  • I think I snorted too much pixie dust....
  • I should have never eaten those POP ROCKS !!
  • Can I sneeze and jump at the same time?
  • Nobody move!!! I've lost my contact lens!
  • I hate watching The Walking Dead!
  • If my eyes were laser beam, you'd be toast.
  • No more playing pin the tail on the Boston!
  • Durrrp!
  • No! You can't have MY chair.
  • Pixie waits in anticipation for the Final Four this weekend
  • Dis be ma chair!
  • Now that Pixie was 'king' of the castle she was determined to keep her title through means foul or fair!
  • Someone takes out the nail clipper from the drawer ... and no i am not guilty of scratching the sofa Why meee ???
  • Since I am first walking, I wonder how I am going to get off the couch?
  • That Cheshire Cat has got nothing on me!
  • Peter Lorre lives!
  • Pixie's best imitation of a gargoyle.
  • You Know I Love Leather chairs !
  • Frog Dog!
  • Mom! The Dobermans are loose again!
  • While Pixie stares in wild eyed wonder at the new toy Mom brought home, she thinks... how long until I get that squeaker?
  • Next time decaf.
  • Bow to the Bug Eyes!
  • Someone dropped the treat jar??!!!!
  • "W" "T" "F" is that??!!??
  • Uh-oh! Here comes that burrito from lunch!
  • Show me: "Paralyzed with fear" ... Good Girl!
  • OMG......You say the thermometer goes where?
  • Flatulance can, indeed, give a case of the BUG EYES...
  • Pixie seeing her first mouse
  • SQUIRREL!!!!!!!
  • Eeeek, get that spider quick.........
  • Boston Hulk transformation ***SMASH!***
  • OK, is my "surprised look".
  • Yes Pixie, there IS an Easter Bunny.
  • "I read on Facebook there was some Chicken Breast for me."
  • "You think you can take me? I've got more than Pixie Dust up my sleeve!"
  • "What do I spy with my eye? Is that the Chicken Breast I read about on Facebook?"
  • Pixie's first Mouse.
  • It's not the vampire movie that scares's the commercials.
  • A Hundred and One! You can have 101!!!!!
  • The doctor is going to do WHAT?!!!
  • ah! a mouse! someone help me!
  • SPIDER!!!
  • If I can make myself look real big, maybe I wont need to surrender my chair
  • Help. My chewy went down the the wrong throat.
  • eyeing the prize!
  • Pixie does her very best from impersonation.
  • I WON the Mega Million and I don't even know what numbers are!!
  • I can't jump that far. I just know it!
  • I have eaten too many of my own sticks!
  • Pixie needs to switch to decaf.....
  • This what happens when Pixie has too much candy.

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  • What a beautiful photo!


Great captions everyone!
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