boston terrier photo of the week
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boston terrier photo of the week Chubby & boston terrier photo of the week Mynne
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The Winning Caption is:

House is on fire? Who cares woman! Give me some pancakes!!!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • We already have our bibs on, now feed us.......
  • C'mon Mom... Second hand pancakes?
  • THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!! Save yourself! We'll save the pancakes!
  • Fork over those pancakes! Haha "Fork" get it... But seriously, hand'em over.
  • Are those for us? Give it to us now!!
  • Chubby and Mynne are eager for their breakfast, but wait! Who took a bite?
  • ...really? Leftovers again?
  • "Look, Mynne! They're Boston Blueberry, even if they are leftovers."
  • "Is that the Maple kind?"
  • You went to IHOP without us???
  • Did everyone see Chubby and Mynne's disappearing trick?
  • We're the Boston Butterworths and our mama thinks we should have some.
  • I want pancake, I am pancake eating MONSTER!
  • Leftovers again? By the way... we don't need no stinkin' fork!
  • The Before Picture of what has come to be known as the "Chubby Mynne" incident.
  • Wait for it. Wait for it! 3... 2...
  • If you beg for it, they will come.
  • ugh, I hate this Stupid low-carb diet!
  • "Chubby, did you sneak a first bite again? You always get more than I do! That's why you're Chubby"
  • Chubby and Mynne couldn't agree who would distract and who would grab so they remained stuck with the 'stare and hope'
  • Only one fork???
  • If your BT did not come with a manual click here for help.
  • MMMMMMMMMM. Pancakes.
  • Hey Chubby, you distract her with that cute look and I'll make a move for the plate! Be ready, in 3...2...1 GO!!!!
  • what is this thing doing here? I wonder if it tastes good.

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