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boston terrier photo Cooper
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  • I hate earthquake drills...

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  • Mom says I have to wear this until I stop sleep walking.
  • too many feet - not enough rollerblades...
  • Need a sidekick Mr. Knievel? I'm ready!
  • Skateboarding? Been there, done that. I'm Ziplining today!
  • Yes, I own the company. But I still like to hoist a leg with the staff.
  • Cooper, modeling the new BT500 safety helmet, shows that Safe can be Cool.
  • They said I had to wear the helmet. They didn't say I had to like it.
  • OK, I've got it on....get I have my skateboard now?
  • Cooper was still in denial for days after the Boston Bruins lost in the NHL playoffs
  • What? The season's over??? But I just got my monogramed helmet in the mail...
  • Let's Rumble
  • I feel like a conehead.
  • Cooper is waiting his turn to be drafted to the NHL.
  • Cooper's rugged fantastic looks and physical ability brought him to the Little Beasts Playoffs. He is looking to win the Lord Bergamot trophy!
  • Cooper comes out of puppy training to be picked up by Boston College-Home of the Terriers!
  • Scottie - beam me up!!!!!
  • Mom says if I'm gonna do the BT500 I need a helmet.
  • Boston don't come with the breaks ... Mommy throws my racketball and here we go ... running ... running ... breaking with the paws ... breaking with the butt ... again not working ... ok head down the wall !!! this is the perfect gear ... thank you mommy...
  • Should the team need him Cooper is ready to go!
  • This is not the droids you seek.
  • Rudy's second string awaits the signal.
  • Dog: Ready for that hockey game. Owner: We are watching it on TV not playing. Dog: Aw man I got a helmet for nothing.
  • this is not what i had in mind when i said "personalized couture "...
  • Cooper gets 2 minutes for high licking
  • It's this season's must have accesory. See it even says MY name!
  • Are we playing hockey or what?
  • mom please take this stupid thing OFF!
  • I hate going for bike rides
  • Oh darn! This could only mean it's doggie bowling night again.
  • Cooper: Storm Trooper.
  • "Put me in coach, I'm ready to play - today, oh yay!"
  • Come on. My heads not THAT big.
  • can i plz play hockey now?
  • I ride with the Angels. Oh... You thought I meant Hell's Angels? No, we're from Boston.
  • I thought holding the stick was a good thing...until they sent me to the penalty box.
  • I suspect this is not a good look for me....
  • My mommy says I'm special!
  • A sure cure for Cooper's headaches......
  • I wanted a chew toy, but my hockey crazed dad brougth home this !
  • Cooper didn't realize that he could get a "personalized" helmet.
  • Does this mean I need to change my name to Cooper Junior?
  • Here we have Cooper modeling the new hangover remedy SK100, guaranteed to cure the worst headache.

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boston terrier photo

Previous Photo of the Week Star: Rudy

  • I guess I'll need this crash helmet if I'm going to play Musical Chairs with Rudy and his Friend. [PPP - Rudy June 2012]



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