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boston terrier photo Rudy & Friend
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  • I don't care that the music has stopped. It's MY chair!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • C'mon over to my house! Do you think you can fit through my doggie door?
  • Hey Kid, it's like I said before...You need to be THIS TALL to ride this ride...Capisce???
  • Rudy will try diplomacy first. If that doesn't work, well... he'll run like the wind.
  • Would someone kindly explain to me why this HORSE IS ON MY PATIO?!
  • Be careful who you "friend" on Facebook, Rudy.
  • Somehow you just know when you meet a kindred spirit.
  • Rudy's first dance lesson, one and two and three and four
  • "Does your paw hurt, Friend? Maybe I can help."
  • Size isn't everything "friend". I've got attitude.
  • Get ready, Friend. Boston Terriers kiss on the lips.
  • Yep, I see the kitchen sink up there!
  • Yeah, that's my ball up there alright.
  • If this thing is anything like the common T-Rex it will lose sight of me if I don't move.
  • Dude.... Your in my SPACE...
  • Did you steal my ball??? Well, OK you can have it.
  • Rudy quotes Clint Eastwood: “You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya punk?”
  • Rudy quotes more Clint Eastwood: “Go ahead, make my day”.
  • Wow, what big nostrils you have!
  • What's that growing out of your face? Are you an efalump or something?
  • I knew I shouln't have followed Jack up the bean stalk!
  • Man, even your boogers are BIG!
  • Please don't eat me!
  • Rudy tries to figure out how his friend is looking down at him when he's obviously much smaller.
  • Dude, what did you eat?!
  • listen friend, I'm still top DOG here!!
  • You sure gots a long nose.
  • Things always look SMALLER from a distance! Nevermind.....
  • "Mommy says I'm a big boy on the inside!"
  • Hey mom I really like this big guy can we please keep the horse!
  • I swear I'm not a chew toy!
  • "I think I'm in Love"
  • Are you sure that your'e not my dad?
  • "Do they make kibbles that size?"
  • Rudy realizes he is heading for a wild nostril ride.
  • My what big eyes you have~
  • "It's okay guys.... I got this one!"
  • Sizing each other up, The Warriors Dance begins. Rudy has no doubt he has the advantage. Tha smaller you are... the faster you run!
  • "Friend or Foe?"
  • "Look out Friend, Boston's know things you've never even dreamed of!"
  • Must have used Miracle Grow.
  • Grandfather! What big eyes you have!
  • Your breath could stop a Boston Terrier in it's tracks.
  • Your not my mother....
  • He was heard saying "I see you mom" just before he too disappeared.
  • I can see all the way to the back of your head.
  • Yo Marmaduke, don't make me open a can of whoop arse on ya.
  • A Friend in need is a Friend indeed.
  • Here'a fact you may not know, Friend. Boston's are smart.... smarter than you. (now Rudy runs!)
  • Oh.... my Body Guard is here. Phooey on those Dobermans!
  • Saddle up, Horsie! I want a ride.
  • Rudy tries to recall if he has ever seen anything this big????
  • Are you the Super-Size version of me?
  • you want me to remove a thorn from where!!?
  • "This is just my glare. Wait until you get a load of my stink eye!"
  • Why grandma, what big nostrils you have!
  • We can get married but I'm not sure about kids...
  • Are you my mother?
  • Yes Ma'am, anything you say ma'am.
  • You don't look green, but you do look jolly and giant.
  • I would like to lick your amazing ears, can you come closer?
  • "Does this thing come with a saddle?"
  • The exchange was fleeting, Rudy and the Giant inching to within a whisker of each other but no further. The encounter, which had seemed like an eternity to Rudy, was over no sooner that it had begun and the distance between them grew rapidly with their disproportionate strides. Neither new what to make of the other and were unconvinced if what they had seen was real or just a figment of their imaginations. Needless to say, they never looked back nor mentioned the encounter ever again...
  • Don't Eat ME!
  • Sorry, it's just that your not what I was expecting when I first reviewed your profile...
  • This is the smallest horse I've ever seen!
  • Keep eye contact....they wont attack if you keep eye contact!
  • I hate blind dates!
  • I come in peace, I am friend not chew toy!
  • Your Vikings weren't so fearsome! You should have seen the destruction of the tea!
  • Your name was not on that sausage.
  • Do you see theese eyes! That does not mean I'm happy!
  • Are you, looking at me?
  • "This is the GLARE. When you see the STINK EYE... you're in trouble, Friend and you better run!"
  • WOW.. You've been eatin' your SPINACH!
  • Please - don't - Sneeze.

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