boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star:
boston terrier photo Jemima
Rated: Wild & Crazy!

The Winning Caption is:

  • Jemima wished the privacy fence went ALL the way around the yard!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • OMG.....ITS A SPIDER !!
  • "I didn't know the other team had Rottweilers!"
  • Little Beasts is posting my picture !!!!! OMG <--- hee hee hee from the LittleBeasts Crew
  • Mad Ball disease.
  • SNAKE!!!!!
  • Now that's a spicy meatball!
  • The Zombies are comming.... grab the treats and RUN!!!
  • MINE!
  • I said it's MY ball!!
  • Shock and Awe!
  • Can't you hit my mouth?! It's this big for gosh sakes!
  • I saw this at a mini golf course dude. . . get it in my mouth & watch what happens!
  • No,not a real basketball....!!!
  • "I finally have the ball.. but look who's coming! It's that Great Dane from next door!"
  • A little slower next time!
  • "Do you see what I see?"
  • Jemima's having second thoughts about running for the goal.
  • it's ALIVE!
  • If my eyes weren't so far apart, I would have gotten it.
  • Squirrel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I found the BALL!!
  • This is the most realistic putt-putt golf hole I have ever seen!
  • Yep, should just fit in my mouth.
  • What do you mean "I'M IT"?
  • Until now, Jemima thought the Devil's Kitty was only a legend.
  • Aaaaaa! Run for your life!!!
  • "EEeeeeeekk, a spider"
  • Jemima has a jaw dropping, eye popping experience as she sees what is going to be thrown next!
  • Is it in my mouth? Did I catch it this time?
  • Enjoying a game of catch and minding her own business...nothing could have prepared Jemima for what she saw through the neighbor's window.
  • Ya missed - get it IN my mouth this time!
  • Jemima's ready... and it's coming fast!
  • Oh, man... I sure wish I could wear a glove!
  • A ball! A ball! You got me a ball!
  • Don't even thing about touching my ball!!!!
  • Jemima's surprise Birthday Party was a great success.
  • Jemima was caught completely off guard when everyone yelled "Surprise!".
  • Jemima just found out she was adopted!
  • O -- M -- G --. I stopped this rolling sphere.
  • What??? Those yellow things are weeds??? I thought they were squeaky balls
  • Stop running before you crush me!
  • Alright the play is a 32 belly option on 2 on 2, ready HUT!
  • Here comes Mom... and she's got the Treat Jar!
  • whaa that's my ball...

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boston terrier photo

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  • OMG! What an angel!


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