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boston terrier photo Baxter
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The Winning Caption is a PPP!!! - based on a Previous Photo of the Week. Well, in this case many PPPs!

I am soooo confused. Knick-knack and Paddy-whack moved. Stella can't find Abby. And according to Rebel the house is falling down... I'll just wait here until dinner. [See the PPPs this caption is based on]

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Momma I need a sister.
  • OH. Now what have I done wrong.
  • Nom Nom Nom!
  • Really now, do I look like I did something wrong?????
  • I is soooo sorry.
  • Time out sucks mom....I'm sorry.
  • Please believe me I swear the cat did it!
  • Baxter knew it was a mistake to watch Old Yeller again.
  • I need a hug.
  • Could I come sleep in the big bed with you?
  • I don't want to do any tricks. Just give me the treat!!
  • "Nobody knows the troubles I've seen. Nobody knows my sorrows."
  • 30 min. till dinner time.... 29 min. till dinner time.....
  • They said if I hurry up and do all my chores they will let me go to the Prince's Ball!
  • I've got the Baxter blues.
  • I love my new bed. Thanks, Mom!
  • Baby Baxter... Master of the Stolen Heart.
  • I don't want to listen to the 'Spice Girls' anymore : (
  • Did I forget to tell you to pull my finger?
  • Is it gone?
  • Thief of Hearts
  • I know that look! That's the "But Mom, I wouldn't chew up your new shoes" look. ;)
  • this is my "don't give me a bath" face
  • My brother told me if I eat the whole pillow I will get cuter
  • "Can't touch this....."
  • Those lying eyes...
  • Comfortable? Yes, yes I am!
  • Don't blame me for eating my bed again. It tastes like chicken.
  • Don' blame me for being cute

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • Baxter wants to be like Rebel when he gets bigger, For now he just holds down pillows.
boston terrier photo


  • OMG! What an angel!


Great captions everyone!
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