boston terrier photo of the week
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boston terrier photo of the week Olive
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C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • I was better than this today.
  • I licked one of these, but to preserve the air of mystery I won't say which one.
  • If I could just get a napkin....
  • Olive cookies & milk
  • "If Heaven wasn't so far away..."
  • "WhoNu" it would be so hard to stick to my New Year's Resolution?
  • (Sniff Sniff), NON-CHOCOLATE COOKIE? (Sniff Sniff) LACTOSE FREE MILK? Please let this be for me!!!
  • Must.....have.....cookie!
  • Pretty sure I asked for pecan sandies
  • I hope that's 2% milk. Cookies are so fattening.
  • May I have a loooong straw, please?
  • ummm, guys. i could be wrong but i don't think Santa's coming back for these.
  • Would you peeze dunk this for me, Mom?
  • Santa already came here..can I have the left overs please!
  • Olive wonders if anyone would notice that cookie was missing.
  • do wants
  • I fink Santa forgot one...
  • Oh, olive cookies and milk.
  • The oreo and milk are just out of reach!? @#*&!1
  • Santa never came, surely I can have this now.
  • Santa only needed one of those cookies, but now how do I get half the milk?
  • Cookie? Why do you temp me?
  • Is this for me or Santa ?
  • for santa or for me?
  • if you give a boston a cookie...she'll want a glass of milk. :)
  • NOM NOM NOM......
  • Olive gives thanks for the cookie she is about to receive-and milk!
  • So close, but yet so far away......
  • Sorry Santa, it is no longer Christmas and I don't have to share!
  • Soon cookie, you will be mine! BWAHAHAHAHA!
  • "The Deliberation of Temptation"
  • If you give a Boston a cookie...
  • Olive that cookie!!
  • Cookie. Must have cookie!
  • Soon...
  • Just one?!
  • Mmmmm nom nom nom cooookieeeee!
  • I like the dark oreo with my milk better.
  • Olive and vanilla do to go together, and I can prove it. Hey -- what's that big monster behind you?
  • Come on Olive!! You can do it...Just a few more inches and you'll have your treat for the day!! I know you can do it!!!
  • Oh cookie... one day you will be mine!
  • Thanks for the milk and cookie mom, now can you put that on my level?
  • Thanks, Mom!
  • WOW! I'm so cute they made a cookie in my colors... I better get to eat it!
  • Oh geez - I hope that's skim milk!

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  • She is so cute, I can hardly stand it!!
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