boston terrier photo of the week
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boston terrier photo of the week Jelly & boston terrier photo of the week Belle
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Worst. Slumber party. Ever.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Pardon - you have your Jelly on my Belle...
  • "Your honor, the traffic cam CLEARLY shows who is at fault here..."
  • It's a real JellyBelly! Cinnamon and root beer perhaps?
  • Obviously Jelle's unorthodox exercise program for her gluts & hamstrings is really paying off......
  • Check out to see what happens next...
  • J-Lo, Beyonce, and Kardashian eat your heart out!
  • New tandem yoga stance - the Jelly Belle! Requires balance and deep relaxation.
  • Jelly and Belle demonstrate body surfing, doggie style
  • Belle slumbered peacefully as the Full Moon ascended.
  • It's a pile of JellyBelle Beans!
  • New yoga for bellies and buttocks.
  • I'm sexy and I know it.
  • The making of a Jelly, Belly sandwich
  • It might not be Pretty but this gets both of our itches scratched!
  • Synchronized sleeping is not as easy as it first appears...
  • This is the less popular Boston Terrier massage therapy
  • Boston Yoga Techniques
  • "I've got you covered!"
  • Jelly & Belle practice their synchronized swimming moves indoors when it's too cold to swim...
  • "And next in our yoga sequence, after the double downward dog ... "
  • i agreed to exercising WITH you....
  • "... and this new masssage technique is guaranteed to relieve stress."
  • A game of twister gone wrong!
  • Jelly & Belle have taken the art of Planking seriously!
  • now whose top dog?
  • Deer cheeks your making me uncomfortable...
  • Point your toes and keep your paws together Belle, points will be deducted if we don't get this routine perfect.
  • 1..2..3.. And it's all over! Jelly is the new Diva's World Champion!
  • Does this Boston make my butt look big??
  • See how well we are planking!!!!!
  • Double planking.....GO
  • downward dog
  • Double Planking, it's the latest thing!
  • Jelly rolls on my Belle(y).
  • This new type of massage works wonders on my aching back!
  • STEAMROLLER!!!!! haha!!!
  • twister.... what fun!!!
  • When jumping the shark goes wrong, very wrong.
  • Does this tube top make me look fat ?
  • I told you this is my spot.
  • Now that's a rump roast!
  • Jelly is most comfortable on a Belle-y.
  • somebody's definitely ready for bikini season!!!
  • Boston butt!
  • A comfortable nap. zzzzzzzzzz...
  • Belle... asleep under a full moon!
  • ahhhh comfy.i think i'll stay here for awhile.
  • ut oh i think i feel something coming fart aaahhh
  • Up up and away - ooof...

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  • super funny and cute
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