boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo Maggie Mae
Rated: Funny

The Winning Caption is:

Tell me again how this will protect me from this "snow" you speak of...

Outstanding Submissions:

  • I live in Texas. This is completely unnecessary.
  • Maggie Mae demonstrates what the "Hang Dog" expression is.
  • Do you think Goldilocks will recognize me?
  • Maggie Mae is wondering where the matching hat and boots are?
  • I love your Christmas spirit, ma, but we live in Florida.
  • Geez, Granny is in the kniting mood again!
  • I'm only wearing this for the Christmas Picture!
  • Now, let's get a shot of you in your Christmas Sweater.
  • mom,does this scarf make my head look fat?
  • ready for the movies
  • I am ready for the snow!
  • Woebegone.
  • Where's my mittens?
  • yah man, you like my rasta-dude hair?
  • Really? You're hauling me out of a warm bed just to go jogging with you?
  • Mommy says it brings out my eyes..
  • Where are you putting that?. My where?
  • De scarf, it matches de
  • Tell Rod Stewart to stop telling me to Wake Up!
  • At least it's not a sweater. Hey you, stop laughing!
  • Yes, I'm toasty. Maybe too toasty.
  • Maggie Mae rethinks her decision to have the hair extensions.
  • I dont normally drink beer, but when I do...I drink Dos XX's
  • I suppose you think this is funny.
  • Pray tell... WHY am I not on the cover of the Urban Outfitters' catalog???
  • Don't hate me because I am beautiful.
  • The moment Maggie realized she was destined for short hair.
  • Maggie Mae had hoped for some color pop, muted neutrals were so out.
  • What? You don't like my weave?
  • Maggie Mae prepares for her debut on the fashion runway.
  • Do you like the one from target...... or the one from walmart?
  • Oh great!!! Mom's crocheting again.
  • Baby its cold outside
  • Real Bostons wear scarfs!
  • What, you looking at me?

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • Is it OK to re-gift this scarf to Penny?

boston terrier photo

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