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Who said the inflatable snuggle sack was a good idea?

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  • Well... If Plumm could be the Whole Enchilda and Mack could roll his R's and be a Burrito. I guess I can be a Taco. [Click the links check out the PPP captions from the past! Great work!]
  • Just in case the Mayans were right...
  • Taco Bell unveils it's new line of wraps
  • "Penny" Tacos Limited Time Only!
  • Boston roll...
  • snausage
  • Some mayo and lettuce would make this Boston Terrier sandwich to die for.
  • Enchilada Surprise!
  • No mom! I am not a burrito!
  • Pressure treated dog, bark-side up.
  • Are you going to keep takin pictures...or are you gonna help me outta here!
  • They tell me Cleopatra got started this way...
  • I'll have the "Penny Pita Special", please
  • I'm a burritto!
  • shhh, I'z hidden!
  • when napings go wrong...
  • I'z donna know what happened! I tellz you I was sleepin' then BAM, here I iz
  • yes I am the whole bt burrito
  • Boston terrier burrito, anyone?
  • Um, this portal isn't working quite exactly how I thought.... little help?
  • That's me! Snug as a bug in a rug.
  • I have a sudden,unexplainable,burrito craving.
  • Is this one of those re-birthing therapy sessions for naughty Bostons?
  • I think this Rebirthing Therapy is nuts!
  • I hope no one tries to add mustard or ketchup!
  • Eat your heart out Taco Bell dog!
  • They will never find me here.
  • I'll have the boston burrito. no lettuce please
  • It's a Boston Burrito!!
  • no one picks pennys up off the rug anymore....
  • Ok, mail me to grandmas house!
  • Now I know what a pimiento stuffed in an olive feels like. BT martini, anyone?
  • I'm really a butterfly in a cocoon shell ^~^
  • Boston Taco anyone?
  • Penny, full denial that Boston's do not hibernate.
  • Penny's Christmas play manger scene; "swaddling clothes".
  • Penny asks, does this bonnet make me look older?
  • Penny shows how to create the 'Perfect Burrito'.
  • After creating the perfect burrito, Penny is 'smug'.
  • puppy toco
  • I know I told you I like being squeezed to fall asleep, but I don't think you're getting the hint here...
  • Dont make a sound....dont move a muscle....they will cancel the vet appointment soon...
  • I am not Mexican burrito, I am a Boston creme pie!
  • I got this squeeze machine from Temple Grandan, and relaxtion her I come.
  • I'm the best taco EVER!!!
  • Don't forget the guac!

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boston terrier photo

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