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Special Guest Stars:
boston terrier photo Ty & boston terrier photo Lulu
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The Winning Caption is:

  • It's free sample day!!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Extreme couponing watchdogs........
  • Sorry we ate your groceries.
  • The sample lady is our new BFF.
  • First car seats, now this
  • The samples on aisle 5 were delicious.
  • You never put the biscuits in here....
  • ATTENTION K-MART SHOPPERS! Boston Terrier special in aisle 2!!!
  • There's a Two-for-One special on Bostons at the Mini Mart.
  • Next on the Food Network Channel...Chef Ripley sends Ty and Lulu shopping at Whole Foods to supply Lucy & Brady's Boston Beans Food Truck-
  • Food what food?
  • Two for one on aisle 12B.
  • Ty & Lulu wait for the sled dogs.
  • Ok now....where are those groceries you told us about?
  • On to the SNACK Isle!!
  • Managers Special: Buy 1 get one free
  • BOGO!!! Now this is a sale I'll take advantage of :)
  • Boston Carriers!
  • I am ashamed...
  • oooohhhh....Bostons in a carts and they did ride...uh-huh...
  • Grocery cart race anyone?
  • We buy in bulk at Costco.
  • "Hey, Lulu, get your tongue out of your nose or no one will buy you."
  • Deli isle deli isle deli isle!
  • Lulu, don't do that in the store!
  • Buy one, get one free!
  • Waiting to be plugged into the Boston recharging station...
  • UM, Mom can we start in Isle 5? (pet food)
  • Take us to your squeaker toy department, and make it snappy!
  • When you plug us in our eyes light up!
  • Hey, Lulu...we can't both ride. We'll have to take turns pushing. You go first.
  • "Lulu, now that you've licked all the black off my face.... can we shop now?"
  • What groceries?
  • Love bogo deals at the grocery store!
  • Boston Butts Buy 1 Get 1 Free! Load Your Buggies!
  • Buy one, get one free!
  • This is your most brilliant idea, yet, Lulu! Disguised as shopping carts, we'll get the treats before mom even brings them home from the store!
  • Tandem shopping at the Boston Mini Mart.
  • "Push, please? We're ready to shop now."
  • "Valet?"
  • Price check, aisle 2!
  • Race you, Lulu!
  • What dog food?
  • Ty and Lulu have some retail therapy!
  • twenty dollars for each boston shipping and handling not included
  • There's nothing like grocery cart drag racing!
  • BT shopping spree!
  • "Lulu, I told you didn't want to go shopping. I didn't have time to put my face on."
  • Ty and Lulu try out for Boston Marathon Shopping.
  • Okay, Ty... you get the Bones. I'll get the Kibbles. You got your Mom's debit card in that harness?
  • "Okay, Lulu... Divide and conquer. You take the Dog Food aisle. I'll take the Dog Toys."
  • Buy one get one free! Grab your cart today!
  • ...and that's how the "two for one" slogan came about.
  • Are you going to eat us
  • Ready to Get Some New Toys!
  • I can taste the victory...lets get these cart races started!
  • Check out a couple of Bostons.
  • Time to shop 'til our owner drops!
  • Ty one, Lulu free

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • Well, these carts aren't going to go by themselves now, are they, Ty. Let's call Lucy and Brady.
  • Uh-Oh... We forgot we need pushers. Let's call Lucy and Brady.

boston terrier photo

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  • Love this!


Great captions everyone!
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