boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star:
boston terrier photo Ripley
Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

  • Ripley finds a nice place to hide the cat.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Let's see, frog warts, cat whiskers, bat tails....something's missing.
  • Okay, Ma. The taters are mashed... now what?
  • Needs more of everything
  • A dash of nice, a pinch of naughty, half a milk bone...did I forget something?
  • I never heard of Boston brew, why do I have to get in the pot?
  • I like my foot soak a little warmer, please.
  • hand mixers are the best
  • Just testing the temp here.
  • Almost got it!
  • yummmm-weiner water soup.
  • Mirror, mirror, in the pot. WOW you look familiar!
  • When you said I was so cute you could just eat me up I didn't realize you were being serious!
  • this porage is just right!
  • I don't know what raccoons see in this...
  • Believe it or not, I will eat everything in this pot.
  • Oooo! Dis porridge too hot!
  • Mom! Believe it or not... the Boston Baked Beans are gone!
  • I hate it when I drop my cell phone in the kibble pot.
  • I think its still too cold. I don't think I'm ready to jump in just yet.
  • so, you're SURE this is the new swimming pool?
  • Scrubbing the dishes for food, literally
  • The magic potion recipe calls for one BT
  • Stir and let simmer for a couple of minutes
  • Ohhhh, too hot...too hot.
  • You put your right foot in....
  • This porridge is just right.
  • Hot...too hot!
  • Now we just stir a little...
  • Look's like Ripley is helping mommy in the kitchen,the specialty for today is boston baked beans!
  • Wait a minute Fluffy...why should I get in here again?
  • Ripley - Believe it or not, we are not going to cook you.
  • Will Lucy Ricardo be joining me? I could use a little help here.
  • Woo-Hoo! Mom always lets me clean up after she makes s'ghetti.
  • I'm Ripley... and even I can't believe I ate the whole thing.
  • Finding Nemo...
  • You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out...
  • Chef Ripley looking for kibble amoungst the bits...
  • Please sir, I'd like some more.
  • It would appear that Ripley is a pot head.
  • This is not my idea of a hot tub no matter what you say.
  • Just a minute mom, i have to wash my hands before supper!
  • You said food not a nap!
  • The potatoes still need afew more minites
  • I have to stir my soup
  • Ripley likes to soak her tootsies in the epson salt after a hard day of play.

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • Lucy & Brady, one order coming right up!

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