boston terrier photo of the week
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boston terrier photo of the week Charlie
Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

Well? What did you expect? It is foam and it was most definitely mocking me!!!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • You ain´t gonna see no guilty face here, mister.
  • The carpet started it.
  • That rug really pulled the room together.
  • said not to pee on the carpet??
  • What? I am only checking to see if this carpet padding is Green! Earth Day baby!
  • "And it didn't even have squeaker!"
  • Don't stop me now! I haven't found the squeaker yet.
  • Padding, we don't need no stinking padding!
  • Explain to me again why this wasn't okay??
  • Sorry Charlie! Carpet padding is for floors.
  • Charlie presents his case for getting a housekeeper.
  • Wow, your're tall.
  • what mess?
  • Do you see what the CAT did????
  • What? Yours??? I thought it was my new big chew toy!
  • What mess!?! I don't see no stinking mess!!
  • it was an accident....?
  • What?!?! I think I made it look better.
  • But you said and I quote: "I want to tear up this carpet." So, I did.
  • Psshh...too old ma butt!!! My chompers work just fine!
  • I sorry! It's soft and fluffy, I thought it was a giant chewy toy!
  • Why this is terrible who could have done this?
  • charlie says: " What did YOU do?"
  • What??
  • In the court of this household your honor , i claim my rights to self representation , furthermore I plead not Guilty here ,,, the cat did it , Really !!!!
  • What? was like this when i got here.
  • Call the cops - someone did mass destruction and tried to finger me for it!
  • As Steve Urkel would say, "Did I do that?"
  • What? It was like that when I got here.
  • The evidence clearly pointed to Charlie, blood shot eyes, property damage, yet another episode of Dogs Gone Wild.
  • Don't look at me ....
  • Charlie and carpet laying 101
  • Are you sure you told me that the pad goes "under" the carpet?
  • I told the mice not to mess with your stuff!,But they would not listen to me!What could I do?
  • It's all in the way you shake your head!!!
  • You mean I can't have this?
  • What?
  • Well.... you said you wanted foam on that latte.
  • Charlie was really cuttin' up a rug! Next he'll be doing the jive.
  • What you mean "Not a sausage roll"?
  • Oh no, you've come home....I'm guilty..of umm making sponge cake??
  • There is a cat in here somewhere!
  • You want some too?
  • Why Charlie doesn't get left home alone anymore...
  • This is the BEST birthday present EVER!
  • On this week's episode of House Flippers Charlie shows how to get rid of that pesky carpet pad while maximizing the mess.
  • Mom...did you see what the cat did?
  • Would you look at what the cat went and did.......
  • I was just trying to get to the nougat center!
  • Whaaaaaat!
  • what about a bath!!??
  • WHAT???!!!!!
  • I dont know who left this foam out in the hall...are they in trouble?
  • I'm helping the carpet layer!

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • What? Maizey made me do it.


  • cute boston terrier! my brothers name is charlie and my boston terriers name is Petey! by!


Great captions everyone!
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