boston terrier photo of the week
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boston terrier photo of the week Milo
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Someone hit me on the back, please!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Brrraaaiiinnsss
  • is ooberry is oo ig!!
  • Nooo! We are not playing fetch!
  • Bark preventer!
  • Milo prays that someone can remove the ball before dinner!
  • Milo was shocked after hearing the news that he would have to take three of these rather large blue pills everyday for the rest of his life.
  • xcuse me, little help
  • I dont no nuddin bout no stinkin ball
  • What?? It's MY ball!
  • "What?! I Don't Have Anything In My Mouth! Don't Know What You're Talking About!..."
  • Oh Ball....How I Wuv ouuu!
  • Don't touch my ball. Trust me, you don't want to see me angry!
  • Touch it and I may sue!
  • I know you told me to share, but it's SO hard!!
  • Can I get some help here? I think it's stuck.
  • The good old ball in the mouth-designed to keep your dog quiet for hours!
  • It's mine! Mine. It is mine!
  • God, I love the taste of blue rubber!
  • No, I will not "drop it".
  • "Ball, WHAT ball?"
  • Ball? What ball???
  • Does this ball make my eyes look BIG?
  • Help! Da baw ith stuck in ma mouf!!!
  • They do "what" to make rubber balls !!!
  • Just try and take it from me...I dare you!
  • what? I didn't do it...this is my ball
  • Milo has but one word, STUCK!!!!!!
  • Now what?
  • Wha ball n hoos mouff???
  • It's MY ballie, and I double-dog DARE you to try and take it!
  • Ok,mom i got it in my mouth , now how do i get it out?
  • OMG. I'm never going to show my face in the dog park again for getting my ball stuck in my mouth....again.
  • I'm auditioning for Blue Mandoggie Group.
  • Alright now, these vocal lessons are getting a little silly, don't ya think.
  • what did i do i did not do any thing wrong
  • "Yup, it's stuck again."
  • Excuse say this is YOUR ball?
  • Jawbreaker? What jawbreaker?
  • But Moooom, I wanna keep playing!
  • Is my tongue blue? Can you check it? "AHHH..."
  • Nobody better lay a finger on my ballie!
  • Where did everybody go? Are we still playing? Guys? Guys...?
  • Might wanna think about triming those nose hairs ?
  • I dare you...just try to take my ballie!
  • Ball? What Ball, I don't have your ball!
  • Sigh.... Life's ruff for a BT.
  • What Ball???
  • Ball? What ball? I have no idea what you are talking about...
  • is that cake?
  • Ball? What ball?
  • Milo and his blue balls.
  • Must...not...snort!
  • What chu talkin bout willis?
  • "Caught 16 balls,whaddaya get? Another day older and a lazy house pet."
  • What blue ball? I didn't take a blue ball.
  • ok Mr. Rotty, you say this is YOUR ball?
  • ...Wasn't me...
  • Milo loves his ball, but the words "surgical removal" are a little disturbing!
  • ball?? no i havent seen your ball

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • So you see, Abby, THIS is a ball. THAT was a pinecone. They're very different. Get it?



Great captions everyone!
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