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We want to keep eveyone informed about the fundraiser. Even though we sold around the same amount of calendars & products this year, our donation amount is smaller. This is due to a change that CafePress made to the proft structure of their site.

This year, Cafepress decided to make a distinction between vistiors who go directly to a Cafepress shop and visitors that go to first & then select a shop using their Marketplace search. Direct visitor sales are considered "Shop" purchases and the other is considered a "Marketplace" purchase. For a "Shop" purchase, the shopkeeper has control over the pricing of the items and will receive the full amount of the original profit amount. However, Cafepress can control the pricing of Marketplace purchases and offered a discount on purchases made through their Marketplace. This discount was taken from the shopkeeper profit. We had about a 50-50 ratio of Shop vs. Marketplace purchases this year.

We were not aware of how the new pricing structure would affect us. The good news is that many people saved money when they made their purchases! The profit from these purchases still went towards the fundraiser. The discount in no way diminishes the generosity & love offered with every purchase from every single person who purchased a calendar or other item to help support the fundraiser.

We thank each & every person who made a purchase through the store!!!
Every single purchase counted & helps!

We will be looking into ways to reorganize the funraiser for next year. We may remove the store from the CafePress Marketplace. We would still be a CafePress store, but the store would not appear in the Cafepress search. We are researching to compare how many visitors come to us from the Marketplace vs from It may balance itself out if CafePress is bringing us visitors who would otherwise have not found our store.

Our goal is to keep the prices as low as we can while mazimizing the potential to raise money for Boston Terrier Rescue efforts.

We'll keep you posted!

Thanks again everyone! The Boston Terrier Community is a kind, generous & hilarious community! We are proud to be part such a wonderful group of people.

~The LittleBeasts Crew


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